The Day Before…

It will happens in exactly 24 Hours

Just 24 hours from now, you'll learn why you need the new iPhone and other cool Apple stuff.
Just 24 hours from now, you’ll learn why you need the new iPhone and other cool Apple stuff.

I love mobile technology and the promise it holds: to give us freedom and ultimately mobility. To be able to do what I need to do at my computer and yet so much more – because of the design, shape and ways it can be used (consumed). In order to help us get closer to the full potential, equipment and software must be design with these goals in mind. The OS and Device equation must be embraced together in order to achieve maximum utility.

Last August, I posted a sarcastic Blackberry opinion about their latest device. Yes, the Blackberry was one of my favorite phones of all times. For me, it did four things really well: made reliable calls, texts, chat and of course, email. However, innovation lags when it came to their App Store and allowing others to develop on their platform. This severely hindered their efforts as they also didn’t nail down the touch phenomena. They held the keyboard (and ability to type) higher than the other benefits of touch. So it lagged and slowly died to devices like the iPhone (the only other true Equipment+OS company) and then to Android. Sure enterprise users moved to Apple once they got their act together with enterprise connections and management. However, in the end, the consumer won. Their preference won.

Deja Vu – Another iPhone is Coming

So on the eve of the new iPhone 6 release, I find my comments about last year’s Blackberry ironic.

> Bigger, Better
> Sharp & Vibrant (larger screen)
> Light & Durable

Apple knows a bigger screen will do well and that’s what they will finally deliver. They didn’t break their formula of running two years with each model – think 3 & 3G, 4 & 4S, 5 & 5S. See my point? We will predictably get an iPhone 6 tomorrow and next year, a 6X (six-something-or-other). Are they planning to keep the current size available in a new model? Will they offer two or three sizes? Will the phablet concept (phone-mini-tablet) become a new category for them like the iPad “mini”? Does it really matter?

Consumers are always looking for the newer, faster, better (bigger if better, thinner if still durable, etc)… it’s how we are wired. So will tomorrow’s iPhone (9/9/14) be a success for Apple? Only if consumers see it. So, yes, of course. Will we want more on 9/10/14? Yup.

~Dave Geipel