Busyness or Business: Your Focus

Busyness in Business can be dangerous.

While running a business, you can easily can wrapped into busyness. Something I realized years after it was too late running my business and burning the candle at both ends was the simple view into both words…. the only difference between them is a single letter. It’s the focus on that letter than can help course-correct oneself so that priorities realign in the proper direction.

If you make the business about “I” because of your busyness, you must stop and ask the question “Y” – because often times in business we make our business foundation = busyness. The two words often get put together to create more issues for the people in the business.


Busy Business can have some serious drawbacks on the longevity it can be tolerated. Just like an engine hitting red on a tachometer, at some point, it can’t handle being so busy it self destructs. When an engine is properly taken care of, it can drive for hundreds of thousands of miles. The mindset today with consumers is often oh well, it broke, time to get a new one. And while the engine analogy is very cache, it may ben the perfect analogy for you at work. You may be that engine that gets the pedal to the metal, held down under full throttle for too long that without constraint and change will fail. You too can break down and while that’s the extreme, you too may be willingly burning the candle at both ends.

But I need to look busy!

Looking busy is a trait many people strive for at work. It may be part of the culture to be overly busy, but you must protect yourself from being wrapped up and consumed in it. You may need to step back and say – I will not be so busy, so consumed, so self absorbed to lose control over my business. You may need to embrace new habits and use wisdom as your fuel.

This may apply to your own business or position you fill within an organization. Busyness is addressed by better habits, delegation and control over your time and energy. When they are properly aligned, you can begin to help your business grow in the proper direction for others working alongside you too.

Ask WHY you’re doing what you’re doing to stay on track.

Next time you face busyness in business, step back and ask yourself WHY your so busy and if it’s a certain task, season or being busy for busyness sake. Make some change in the proper direction and realign yourself so you also don’t miss what may be right in front of you – the ability to chose peace when confronted with chaos.

I hope you can see the decision is simple: busyness or business. What will your focus be when faced with an overwhelming workload. Don’t burn the candle at both ends, work smarter, not harder, learn to use the word no or not now, delay certain tasks and learn to better delegate. You’ll then be able to return to business vs busyness.