New phone, old features. Someone must be happy…

Blackberry - Q10 SmartphoneBlackberry - Q10 New Smartphone WhiteBigger, Better Keyboard
with instant-action button

Sharp & Vibrant

with a large 3″ screen

Light & Durable

for ultimate performance


This was the commercial I caught on TV this week. And I have to say that I thought something was wrong. You too may think at first glance this is a really old blog post too. Nope. it’s 2013 and it’s a Blackberry with another round of polish. They call it the BB Q10 and perhaps you too saw the ad and already went to the store to buy one. Unfortunately, BB product development and marketing is not working. They have us all caught in a time warp.

It’s been a really long time since I’ve seen a Blackberry ad on TV. While I always loved their leadership in the smartphone space, to see something new from BB was interesting. But that’s not a “good” interesting reaction.

It was more like:
WHY would you (BB) waste what money your company still has after losing marketshare quarter after quarter and suffering from lagging sales to promote another device that is nothing more than a remake of a 5-year-old device. All you can really say is that you have something new… because it is faster, brighter, larger screen and has a better keyboard?

Every ad we see on TV these days is about touch… awesome cameras… superb HD-quality screens… and innovative features that support why they are called “smart” in the first place.

I hate saying this, but the company’s new Q10 also sounds like a vitamin. Something I take each night before bed – CoQ10.

I have officially put the last nail in the coffin on BB. I do not see how they can reclaim any remaining pieces left by Apple, Google (Samsung and Motorola) and Microsoft (Nokia Window phones).

So if you’re only looking for a great keyboard and just a few relevant features like Facebook and Twitter, than a BB may *still* be for you. And you may be elated to see a new remake of your favorite form-factor. For the rest of us, we will continue to wait and be wooed by true innovators pushing the limits in mobile tech. No pressure…