Apple Watch is the new Swatch Watch

The Apple Watch

If you’re like me, you’ve been following #Apple since they announced the Apple Watch last fall. The common sentiment is simple: sure looks cool.

When I talk to friends and acquaintances in various circles, I also hear the following comment about the shiny iWatch: I don’t know… And that is anchored by perception based on price. If you have money burning in your pocket, the answer is – I’ve gotta have one. But for the average person these days, they still need to be convinced.

BUT the real question Apple cares about: do you want one?

Swatch vs Apple Watch
Swatch (1985 McGregor Watch) versus the Apple Watch (2015 version)

What I’ve realized is that Apple has done something no other company has done in the accessory industry with a watch since the mid-80s. Yes, I cannot recall a time since 1985 when one watch captured the attention of the masses where they considered the question: do I want one? And that happened to me too. While a youth, I had to answer that question when confornted with the Swatch brand. The watch I wanted was the McGregor Swatch. It was colorful, represented a diverse watch that had swiss movement. Ok, it was nothing special when you broke it down because it was a lot of plastic. But the STYLE spoke for itself. I could now make a BOLD statement with my watch. It didn’t require a close up look, but from a distance, others knew I had the hottest watch you could get – a Swatch.

Well, Apple hopes to convince you too that their new watch it the one you have to get.

Besides the fashion statement an Apple Watch makes with the exchangeable watch bands (yes, more are planned) it’s more about being Swiss than you think. It aims to be the SWISS ARMY KNIFE of watches. So it actually shares a cool aspect the Swatch shares – it’s swiss functionally by design.

The main difference here is WHAT you can do with your watch. It’s about style and function together. Something Apple really prides itself with in their design planning stages.

Yet I argue that one major issue remains for Apple and the entire smart watch category. Consumers are comfortable looking at their phones for the time. Period.

You get a text… you see the time.

Get an email… there’s the time.

Facebook or Twitter chiming away… you know the time.

So back to the main question: why get an Apple Watch? I would argue it’s the Beats argument. They produce a good sound with a look that’s unquestionably Beats. So for the Apple watch, it’s because they customize your watch making it stylish, cool & productive and well, you know you want one.

The challenge remains at the price point. If you’ve ever spent more than $200 for a watch, you will already be in the Apple target market. The hope for Apple is to introduce customers who never spent that much for a watch to reach deep down and spend for the money for their “most personal device yet.”

For me, I will wait. I’ve learned that Apple makes a great intro product but once they nail it, they really NAIL IT with their second version. So I hope that’s sooner than later. Till then, I may be asking Apple Watch users for the time – just to see it in action.