Most heavily taxed countries (the US is #15 on the list)

I don’t know a soul who likes to pay taxes. While it helps our country operate: protect & defend us from outside and internal threats and provide a stable economy, I found it very interesting to see where the US ranks compared to other countries. Currently, the United States comes in as the 15th most heavily taxed nation in the world according to TurboTax (who better to know what we’re really paying).

On the contrary, the actual tax percent paid by corporations appears to be substantially lower. The country’s listed federal corporate tax rate is 35% but it only takes in approximately +/- 23 percent.

After reviewing the list, I don’t think I’d like to move to Sweden, who ranked as the most highly-taxed country, with a income tax rate of 56.5 percent.  Of the 15 nations with the highest tax rates, 8 also are listed among the 15 most thriving countries, according to Gallup. Germany, Italy, France, Portugal, Japan and Austria all failed to make the cut, and it was only Austria that had a thriving majority.

So print it out and start discussing how we can lower our taxes. Collect what is rightfully due and make sacrifices where we must to get our countries debt under control too.

The most Heavily taxed countries by David Geipel